Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Quick David Update

It's been a crazy few months, but I just want to get down a brief snapshot of this little charmer.

David's one year and nine months old and a wonderful stage of life where he is still such a baby and yet such a little boy all at once.  He still wears nappies and nurses to sleep and rides around in a stroller and loves to cuddle and makes a huge mess when he eats anything and doesn't talk much on the one hand, but on the other, he throws (very mild) little boy fits and has fallen in love with Dora the Explorer and can play in the big kids room with his older brother and sister and understands a large amount of what we say to him and is developing this wonderful little personality.  Oh, when a smile breaks over this little guys face and bubbles over into a full-out baby giggle, you just have to laugh along.  He is so much more cooperative kid than the other two were at this age.  He'll point out a dirty nappy to you, and when you ask him if he's stinky, he'll nod and trot off to his room to be changed and settle down on the floor, carefully lowering his head so he doesn't bump it and then let you do your thing.  His vocabulary consists of about five words, including "no" (squeaked out like a little mouse), "yuck" (meaning both "yuck" and "I don't like this situation and so it should change," "ma-ma" (initially meaning "I want that" but now also meaning me), "water," and "ba" (which is multi-purpose, including baby and ball and balloon and other such things).  He may have a few more thrown in, like something that is supposed to mean Dora and a two syllable all-purpose deal that has meant anything from stroller to panda, but that's most of it. 

I love what he does with his minimalistic vocabulary, though, and how much he manages to communicate combining it with body language.  Tonight, as I was nursing him to sleep, he kept pointing at his legs and saying, "yuck."  Since he had just had his nappy changed, I didn't think he meant he needed a new diaper again.  Finally, I figured out this was a "I don't like this situation and so you should do something about it," occasioned by the fact that I was trying to get away with putting him to bed in a onsie without pants.  Apparently, he hasn't caught on to the idea of summer yet, so he was thrilled when I put the pj trousers with the trucks on him. 

My favorite example of his creative communication came the other day.  He said, "ma-ma," indicating he wanted something.  Then he walked over to my bedroom door and said, "water."  Usually he would walk to the kitchen for that, so I took it to mean he wanted to nurse on my bed.  Apparently, it means to drink, too, in a pinch.

Anyway, the baby will soon disappear completely so I'm savoring these last infant moments, but the sweet little boy emerging is a whole lot of fun and I'm looking forward to continuing to get to know him and see him interact with his brother and sister more and more.  For all the craziness having baby number three has introduced into our lives (especially since baby number one wasn't even 3 years old when he was born), I am so glad it worked out this way!

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